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 At Amor Movement, we're not just breaking barriers; we're shattering generational cycles that have held our young Latinas back for far too long. We're here to guide them through uncharted territories, providing the tools and support they need to overcome any obstacle in their path. We bridge the gap between knowledge and practical application, ensuring our young leaders are equipped to thrive in the real world.


Our mission is to create passionate and engaging leaders in young Latinas in high school, by breaking generational cycles that impact their daily lives. Amor Movement provides education in life skills, professional development, and civic engagement to empower young Latinas to create the life of their dreams.


Our vision is to create the next generation of

cycle-breakers in the Latinx community.

Our Pillars

Charlas De Amor

 Our comprehensive life skills program equips young Latinas with the essential skills needed to navigate daily life. From identifying healthy relationships, learning the importance of mental health,  building self-confidence  and financial literacy to effective communication and decision-making, we ensure our young Latinas are well-equipped to face life's challenges with unwavering confidence.

Poderosas on the Rise 

In our professional development program, we prepare young Latinas for the professional world. This preparation includes participating in leadership and career opportunities, learning resume writing and interview techniques, and receiving career guidance. We empower our young leaders to pursue their dreams and achieve their full potential. Additionally, we foster empowering and authentic dialogues with inspirational Latina Trailblazers who unveil the path to professional growth and excellence.

Spreading the Love

We firmly believe in the power of being an active member of our community. Our civic engagement project, "Spreading Love," empowers each cohort to enact positive change within their community by offering support and assistance to those in need fostering a sense of social responsibility.


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